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Getting your kids involved in gardening from a young age

Gardening with kids is very rewarding, as long as you can get them out there in the first place. Here's some tips on dragging them away from their devices.

#1: Get kids their own tools

Kids love having their own set of gardening tools, the more personal the better. Include a trowel, a hand rake, a shovel, and a hoe. They will also need a watering can. Don’t forget sun cream or wellies if like me, you live in Scotland.

#2: Give them space

They will love having very their own, personal space. Define the space and help them prepare the soil. Let them dig and get dirty…that’s half the fun!

#3: Let them choose their own stuff

Offer them several choices, but explain to them which ones are easiest to grow and take care of. No matter what plants they are interested in growing, help them research what might be involved so that they know what to expect and how to properly care for them.

#4: Get creative

A simple idea is to create square sections and then stake out X shapes inside of them, then the kids can plant a different variety in each of the resulting triangles. Stack pots and containers in fun ways.

#5: Don’t settle for a boring garden space

Experiment with using fun garden decor, stepping stones for a pathway, cute fences, or whimsical garden stakes. Let the kids be creative and decorate their own gardening plot to reflect their personality.

#6: Make garden maintenance a fun activity

Once the seeds are planted and begin to sprout and grow taller, offer to work side-by-side or invite other kids to join in when it is time water or weed. Sing, talk, or play together, a water fight in the hot weather will keep them interested. Offer incentives so they associate their gardening time with positive and happy memories.

#7: Let them enjoy the fruits of their labor

When it comes time to harvest, encourage the kids to create meals out of their crop. Reluctant eaters are often excited to try them after watching them grow in their very own garden.

Most of all...don’t worry if your gardening experience isn’t perfect. At the end of the day, it's supposed to be fun! Keep it positive enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

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